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Multi-Page (Basic)

Basic Multi-Page




(50% OFF | REGULAR PRICE IS $899.00 | ENDS: May 31st)

Step into the digital realm with our Basic Multi-page package, tailored for individuals, freelancers, and small businesses aiming to expand their online footprint. Designed to provide essential functionality across multiple pages, this package offers simplicity and effectiveness for your web endeavors.

Layout and Features

  • Premium WordPress Template Kit
  • Choose your design here: envato elements
  • 3 Pages
  • 5 Images
  • 5 Posts
  • 3 Social media buttons
  • Responsive design
  • Contact Form
  • Free AI-generated text

Completion and Revisioning

  • 2-3 days completion time.
  • 5 Revisions.


  • 2 GB NVMe Storage.
  • Free SSL Certificate.
  • 1 Free e-mail account.
    • 1 GB Storage.
    • Can be accessed via Outlook, Gmail, and other e-mail apps.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
    • Fair usage policy applies.


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